EdTech Monday Kenya September 2022 Edition: A Conversation On Using EdTech To Ensure Internet Safety for Young Learners In Kenya.

Earlier this week I hosted my first EdTech Monday Kenya panel on NTV Kenya where we discussed the important topic of Internet safety for young learners in Kenya. This is an especially pertinent topic given that during the pandemic we saw the unprecedented adoption of EdtTch as a key way to ensure continuity of learning in Kenya and globally, via the Internet. However, at the same time, this meant that young learners became increasingly exposed to some of the risks of using the Internet such as cyberbullying, pornography, online predators, identity thieves, inappropriate content, etc, without necessarily knowing how best to navigate them.

This month’s EdTech Monday Kenya panel consisted of Kaburo Kobia from the Akili Network and Evelyn Kasina from Eveminet Communication Solutions, with me as the moderator. The Akili Network runs Akili Kids, one of Kenya’s most popular TV stations that reaches an impressive 10M viewers every week comprised mostly of parents and children with family-safe content. Eveminet Communication Solutions works with a diverse range of stakeholders such as children, parents, and educators to adopt practices and technologies that ensure internet safety for Kenyans from all walks of life.

If you missed the broadcast on NTV Kenya earlier this week, you can watch the same below where we covered a myriad of issues relating to Internet safety for young learners in Kenya:


EdTech Monday Kenya is made possible through the support of the Mastercard Foundation’s Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT (CITL). CITL supports the growth of an impactful African EdTech ecosystem that will catalyze innovation and advance promising practices in the use of ICT in learning and teaching to benefit African learners, educators, and policymakers.

The Mastercard Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the world. Its vision is a world in which everyone has an opportunity to learn and prosper. The Foundation was created in 2006 through the generosity of Mastercard when it became a public company. It was established as an independent organization whose policies, operations, and program decisions are determined by its own Board of Directors and Management.



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