• iHub


    Nairobi's Innovation Hub.

  • Newton Nyambati

    Newton Nyambati

    Programmer, Swimmer. I'm still building that list, check back later.

  • Maxi Ngari™

    Maxi Ngari™

    Experimental | Blogger | Tech-prenuer | Curious | Bad ass

  • Muthoni Ngatia

    Muthoni Ngatia

  • Roney Ngala ★

    Roney Ngala ★

    Your virtual Web worker and Copy-maker... I give businesses good looks on screens, and I'll be serving you #CupsofCopy - just to make the Internet nicer.

  • gowtham krishna

    gowtham krishna

  • GuinnessKubwa™


    I am the inspiration that made ladies sing the blues. #Biker #IT Unofficial Guinness Ambassador

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