From Founding Africa Online To Enhancing Insurance With AI: Ayisi Makatiani’s Technology Journey.

Moses Mwemezi Kemibaro
2 min readMay 6, 2024

In the latest episode of the Pure Digital Passion podcast, I had the opportunity to host Ayisi Makatiani, an iconic figure in the realm of technology in Kenya and Africa for over 25 years. From pioneering internet services on the continent in 10 countries with Africa Online to leading transformative AI initiatives in the insurance sector through Caava VantagePoint AI and Agencify, Ayisi’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. We had an in-depth conversation on the intersections of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and insurance.

A Journey From Western Kenya To The Very Cutting Edge of Technology Innovation.

Our conversation kicked off with Ayisi’s formative years in Western Kenya, his academic path through prestigious institutions like Alliance High School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the key moments that shaped his technology-driven career trajectory. Ayisi shares his experiences from the early days of internet expansion in Africa to the impactful roles he has played in venture capital and technology innovation.

Disrupting Insurance In Kenya and Africa.

Ayisi talks extensively about his ventures, Agencify and Caava VantagePoint AI, where he integrates advanced AI and ML technologies to address the unique challenges of the Kenyan and African insurance market. We explored how these innovations offer more than just technological advancements; they bring about a paradigm shift in how insurance services can be delivered and experienced by millions of Africans.

The Role of AI and ML in Redefining Insurance In Africa.

The upcoming AI/ML Insurance Seminar, co-hosted by the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) and Caava VantagePoint AI, is a focal point of our discussion. Ayisi gave us a preview of what the seminar aims to achieve and the broader impact of these technologies on the African insurance landscape.

The Way Forward.

Looking ahead, Ayisi shares his strategic vision for the next 2 to 5 years, both for his companies and the broader technology and insurance sectors in Kenya and Africa. His insights are a call to action for young entrepreneurs and established leaders alike, emphasizing the transformative power of embracing technology and innovation.

Closing Thoughts.

Ayisi’s parting thoughts resonate with a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. He inspires not only with his achievements but also with his commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

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