Multichoice Kenya should not sue Safaricom & Jamii Telecom for Piracy — They need to reinvent their sports streaming offerings instead for the masses in Kenya.

Moses Kemibaro
2 min readMar 25, 2021

I read this earlier this morning and it got me thinking:

The real solution here is not for Multichoice, Kenya to sue Safaricom PLC and Faiba JTL. What they need to do is create a live sports streaming offering that enables customers to pay for affordable bundles that let them watch just the sports content they want. So, for instance, a bundle just for the English Premier League or paying for only specific games or even for specific football team games through the season.

Another interesting proposition would be a bundle just for a single game, race, or event. The bundles could also include subsidized data charges as well so that it’s an all-inclusive offering where Multichoice and the mobile networks all benefit. This would create a ‘trickle-up’ effect so that many customers who would normally stream illegally would then be happy to pay for these sports bundles (also known as the ‘kadogo’ economy in Kenya).

To be fair to Multichoice, to some extent, their ShowMax offering is already doing this by offering live sports, but, incorporating the above model could really ramp up its uptake by Kenyans, at scale. My 2 shillings…

Moses Kemibaro

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