New Video: An Introduction To The ARC Ride E2+ Electric Motorcycle At The First E-Mobility Exhibition In Nairobi, Kenya.

ARC Ride is powering the future of affordable, reliable, and clean mobility. It designs, builds, sells, and charges two and three-wheelers. The ARC Ride E2+ is a high-speed and low-cost electric motorcycle that can be used for making deliveries or carrying passengers.

It has a simple battery swapping system meaning it is 50% cheaper to run than a similar petrol-based motorcycle. It has a combined range of 160km with 2 batteries or 85Km with a single battery. At the same time, it has a top speed of 75km/h and can carry up to 250kg.

This video is an interview and walk-around of the ARC Ride E2+ that I had with Jeremy who works on their team at the Waterfront Karen in Nairobi on Saturday the 29th of October 2022 during the first-ever E-Mobility Exhibition in Kenya:



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Moses Kemibaro

20+ years driving businesses in Kenya & Africa as pure digital passion. A family man & curious by nature :)