[New Video & Audio Podcast] Safeguarding Growth & Building Resilience — The Future of Africa with AI & Impact of Cybersecurity.

Moses Mwemezi Kemibaro
2 min readApr 24, 2024

This was a panel discussion from the Kenya ICT Authority’s Connected Africa Summit held on Tuesday the 23rd of April 2024 for which I was the moderator. The panel focussed on the critical themes of AI and cybersecurity within the African continent’s evolving digital landscape. Our panelists for this engaging conversation included the following:

Hon. Waweru John Kiarie, Chair, ICT Committee
Saleh Al-Nemer, Regional CT & Distinguished Technologist, HP Enterprise
Kelvin Mugambi, Cybersecurity Technical Solutions Architect Sub-Saharan Africa, Cisco
Imran Chaudhrey, Country Manager for East Africa, Network Security Business, Fortinet
Michael Odhiambo, Director, Shared Services, Kenya ICT Authority
Moses Kemibaro, Founder & CEO, Dotsavvy (Moderator)


The session began with each panelist sharing pivotal steps their organizations or sectors have taken to enhance AI integration and cybersecurity within their domains. Topics covered ranged from the integration of AI in government services, bridging the AI literacy divide, current regulatory environments, the critical components of resilient cybersecurity infrastructures, and more.


  1. The integration of AI technologies to enhance public service delivery and economic growth.
  2. Measures to protect digital infrastructures from emerging cyber threats.
  3. The role of legislative and regulatory frameworks in fostering a secure and innovative digital environment.
  4. Collaborative efforts needed to fortify Africa’s digital landscape against evolving cyber threats and to unlock new avenues for innovation and economic growth.


In a nutshell, the panel discussion emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts, innovative policies, and proactive measures to unlock the full potential of digital technologies for Africa’s future. The insights shared not only reflect the African continent’s readiness to embrace digital transformation but also its capability to lead in the AI and cybersecurity domains.

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