New Video: The KIA Sorento 2022 Quick Fire Car Review.

I had the opportunity to do a quick-fire review of the KIA Sorento 2022, a 7-Seater SUV from the South Korean automotive brand that looks absolutely stunning! It has a menacing front end that for me is quite reminiscent of the ‘shark-like’ BMW design language of the seventies and eighties.

In terms of technology, the KIA Sorento is packed to the brim with all sorts of bells and whistles making it state of the art in every sense. I also had a chance to take it for a spin on the road and it was solid and highly responsive with all sorts of capabilities to make your driving experience memorable.

The KIA Sorento 2022 edition comes in an executive model that is retailing for Kes. 7.6M and the premium model that’s retailing for Kes. 8M with a few extra features that make up the extra shillings in Kenya. The KIA brand is handled in Kenya by Caetano and their website where you can get more information at You can see the review video here:



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Moses Kemibaro

20+ years driving businesses in Kenya & Africa as pure digital passion. A family man & curious by nature :)