Unboxing & First Impressions of The LG OLED Evo 55C3 TV.

Moses Mwemezi Kemibaro
5 min readApr 26, 2024

Some years I had the experience of travelling with my family to the UK for a friend’s wedding. During the same, after the wedding, we needed to rent a car for the rest of our stay so that we could drive around the country to see friends and family. I initially planned to rent a relatively small car but our luggage and the need for car seats for my children meant that we needed a larger car.

When I went to the AVIS dealer to pick up the car, they gave us an unexpected upgrade to an even better and brand-new VW Passat with less than 500 miles on the gauge. I sat down and was ready to drive off and immediately freaked out as there was no discernible indication of a handbrake and the dashboard and electronic features were far beyond anything I had experienced in a car till then.

I literally required the staff at AVIS to assist me for 15 odd minutes to get to grips with everything in front of me before I could drive off from their yard. As someone who considers himself to be something of a technophile, it was a humbling experience!

Right now, I am having a moment of deja vu with my first experience of the LG OLED Evo 55C3 TV that I recently received in my home for a review. You see, the TV I have been using at home was state of the art even if albeit not a smart TV since I acquired its back in 2012. It’s an LED TV that has served us well and has never broken down so until this point it’s been pretty much satisfactory.

However, it’s only when you are dragged out of your Luddite-like state in the world of technology that reality bites in what can be the most surprising and delightful way! The LG OLED Evo 55C3 TV is an amazing piece of technology for anyone who may have been happy with a 12-year-old LED TV.

We received the LG TV at home from their distributor in Kenya and the first thing we did was put it in a safe corner in my house since I would use the weekend to actually ‘unbox’ it. The unboxing experience which I did with my daughter proved to be event-free and although initially intimidating we gradually followed the process from start to finish. The TV comes with a mounting base that you need to set-up on a table or the floor to install it. Once you do so, you can then plonk the TV on top off your preferred TV stand or cabinet and start the set-up process.

One of the things that immediately grabbed my attention when unboxing it was that the OLED panel is incredibly thin as you can see in the pictures. At the same time, when you first fire it up you also notice that it has almost no bezels on the edges of the panel meaning that it almost feels like it’s ‘floating’ when set up on your TV cabinet. The set-up process was relatively straightforward using WebOS which is the system that it runs on. The remote control for the TV is easy to figure out and is consistent with LG TV remotes going back a number of years.

A major revelation for me is that the LG OLED Evo 55C3 TV is equipped with the α9 Gen 6 AI Processor. This processor greatly enhances how it works across a range of features and functionalities which ensures an incredible user experience. This became very evident when working through different settings for instance to get you to the best viewing experience.

Compared to my 12-year-old LED TV, the LG OLED Evo 55C3 TV has an incredibly sharp and bright screen that really makes the colors pop. Being an OLED TV, this means that there is no backlight as is the case on LED TVs so the blacks are really black and the contrast really pops. One thing that really blew my mind was watching Netflix on this TV where the video quality was simply stunning given that it’s compatible with the latest standards.

Lastly, the sound or audio quality was incredible and on par if not better than the soundbar we have been using for years at home. There was simply so much detail to the sound quality on every level to create a truly immersive experience. This extended far beyond watching Netflix and even when playing his games on the PlayStation my son was blown away by the excellent refresh rate, visual quality, and audio experience on the LG OLED Evo 55C3 TV.

I’ll be sharing a more in-depth review within the coming week of all the aspects of this TV from start to finish. It’s an excellent all-round TV from what I can tell and quite frankly has made me reassess all that I thought was possible from and within a state-of-the-art OLED TV.



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