One thing you have to admire about the RedBull brand is that it’s all about doing audacious things and challenging every kind of status quo that exists. They don’t really sponsor things, they own branded things. They understand that branded content is what makes them valuable. Why invest in distracted consumer attention via advertising when your brand can be the very content they consume instead!

In this instance, this is a massive statement of intent as Red Bull’s F1 team will be 100% in control of every aspect of their cars. By 2025, Red Bull will be building their own F1 engines and be on par with constructors like Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault. This is also known as a ‘bet the company’ kind of move. RedBull are NOT messing about!

The funny thing is we all think that RedBull is actually an energy drinks company — nothing could be further from the truth. RedBull is actually one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to content marketing across a myriad of things from football teams to musicians. That’s what they really do, actually.

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